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Parking and the Blue Badge scheme

Displaying the Blue Badge in your car allows you to park in dedicated parking bays. This helps you park closer to your destination. Even if you don't have a car you can use your Blue Badge in someone else's car, when they drive you somewhere. You can find out more about the Blue Badge scheme from GOV.UK.

Apply for a blue badge

You can apply for a Blue Badge through GOV.UK. If you are found eligible there is a one time fee of £10.

Applications may take up to eight weeks to process. So if you are applying for a review of your blue badge, please apply at least eight weeks before your current badge is due to expire.

If you would like any support or assistance with completing the application form please call us on 020 8547 5005.

Where you can park with a Blue Badge

Yellow lines
Blue Badge holders may park on a single or double yellow line for up to three hours except where there is a ban on loading or unloading, as indicated by an adjacent time plate and markings on the kerb beside the yellow line(s), and parts of central London where local schemes apply.

Car parks
Blue Badge holders may park for free, for as long as is required, in on-street and surface car parks controlled by pay and display machines.

Disabled parking bays
You may park for free, for as long as is required, unless signs state otherwise with a limited time allowed in the bay.

Blue Badge parking bays

We provide parking bays throughout the borough particularly within Kingston Town Centre and local shopping areas for the exclusive use of blue badge holders.

Some disabled parking bays are time limited; please check the signs carefully when you park. If there are no times displayed the bay is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

PIE provide an online parking tool that shows you where you can park in Kingston upon Thames and other cities across the UK. Blue badge parking online map

Your rights and responsibilities

You, and those who drive you, need to know your rights and responsibilities with the Blue Badge. The Blue Badge scheme guide details your rights and responsibilities and sets out the rules for when and where you can park: The blue badge scheme, how it works in England, and a user's rights and responsibilities