Stop smoking

Are you fed up of smoking? Would you like a healthier future? Let us help you kick the habit for good.

Kick It is a free service which helps people who live or work in Kingston to stop smoking. Research shows that you are four times more likely to be successful using our support rather than going it alone.

Kick It stop smoking advisors can provide you with around six free, weekly sessions of help and support to get you through the hardest part of quitting. The service includes advice on medications that can help you quit (which you’ll get on prescription), support with the really difficult bit – changing your behaviours and habits so you can remain smoke-free for good, and a chance to see your health improve before your eyes with regular carbon monoxide tests. Appointments can be available one-to-one or you can visit a group or drop-in session if you’d like the support of other quitters. Telephone appointments are also offered if that’s more convenient for you.

There are clinics in a range of locations across Kingston and we have a mobile clinic coming soon as well, keep an eye out for Kick It's VW camper van roaming the streets near you.