Street cleaning and reporting litter

When is my street cleaned? 

We make sure that the borough has clean streets, free from litter, dirt, leaves, dead animals and dangerous debris. We clean all public roads and pavements:

  • town centre streets are cleaned continuously or daily
  • most residential streets are cleaned every three weeks


Report litter on our streets

If you see litter on our streets you can let us know using our online form. You can report:

  • general waste or litter
  • broken glass
  • oil
  • needles
  • dog waste
  • dead animals

We'll consider the issue and when the next street clean is scheduled when deciding what to do.

If the issue is urgent or dangerous (things like broken glass from windows, spillages near schools, or something causing a health and safety risk) please call us straight away so we can respond quickly.

Other problems on the highway

For more information about how to report potholes, faulty street lights and overhanging trees, see how to report problems on the highway.