Parking permits

Who can apply

If you live in a street or run a business within one of the borough's controlled parking zones (CPZs) or permit parking areas (PPAs) you may be entitled to buy a parking permit. This lets you park on the street during hours when you normally can't. You must keep and use a vehicle to apply for a permit.

You can check if your street is in a controlled parking zone (CPZ) or permit parking area (PPA) by searching our online directory.

Please note resident or business owners occupying numbers 74 to 124 and 89 to 115A of Burlington Road may also be entitled to a permit to park within the PPA that covers Albert Road, George Road and Queens Road New Malden.

Only permit holders can park in these streets.  Unlike a controlled parking zone, there are no road markings for parking bays in a permit parking area.

All permits and visitor vouchers must be valid and clearly displayed in the front windscreen so details can be read easily from the outside. Penalty notices may be issued if not. 

Apply online

All parking permits are now digital, which means you will only be able to renew or apply for a permit online. Paper permits will no longer be issued. 

Register or apply for a permit online 

How to apply for a resident parking permit online

How to apply for a visitor parking permit online

You will be taken to an external site where you will need to create an online account. You will be required to upload proof (documents) which can be scanned.

Detailed requirements for each of the permits can be found on the 'What type of permit do I need' webpage. 

It will take around 15 minutes to apply and receive approval. 

We have created an easy to follow guide on how to register and apply for your permit online

Other ways to apply

If you are unsure about using the internet, or do not have access, we are happy to help you with the alternatives. Please contact us on: 020 8547 1333 (Monday - Sunday, 8am to 10:30pm).

You can also email us at: [email protected].