Kingston Data

Data, statistics, graphs and charts

Want to know more about the borough, it's population, the average cost of a house or the number of births in a particular year?  Use our Kingston Data website to find out more about your borough. We provide data in overview reports, single datasets and interactive maps. We cover the themes of: 
  • population
  • economy
  • education
  • housing
  • transport
  • equality
  • health

Open data

We also provide open data, to meet the requirements of the transparency code. On the Kingston Data website you'll find our:
  • statement of accounts
  • details of any contracts over £5,000
  • items of spend over £500
  • local authority land information
  • grant and funding information 
  • our organisation chart
  • Trade union facility time
  • parking accounts
  • senior salaries for Council staff 
  • counter fraud activity