Penalty charge notices - parking, moving traffic and bus lane penalties

Appeals - How to challenge a penalty charge notice

If you think we have issued you with a penalty charge notice (PCN) unfairly, you can challenge it. The simplest and quickest way of challenging a PCN is to complete the online form. 

If you have any evidence you wish to submit you will be able to upload files during the process.

If you wish to challenge more than one PCN you will need to submit an individual appeal for each one.

Make the challenge as soon as possible

Your penalty charge 'notice to owner' or 'enforcement notice' will explain how long you have to respond by making payment or contacting us. You should respond as soon after receiving the notice as possible or you may lose your right to challenge the penalty. If we receive your challenge within the discount period stated on the PCN then you will be offered a further opportunity to pay the discount amount if the PCN is upheld.

Please note that if a warrant has been issued you will need to contact the enforcement agents directly.

Further information about challenging a PCN or taking your case further is available from the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service and GOV.UK.

Read this before making a challenge online 


  • The online Challenge a penalty charge notice form has a limit of about 500 words
  • If you think your challenge will exceed this you can upload a longer letter
  • You can upload up to six files, the combined maximum size limit is 10mb (so if you have four files to upload the total size of those files could be 10mb but no more)
  • If you have more than six files or photographs to upload you can paste them into one document and just upload that one file 
  • File formats accepted are txt, tif, tiff, gif, jpg, jpeg, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, bmp, htm, html
  • You have 20 minutes to complete the form so get everything ready in advance