Apply to move to the seaside or the country

Seaside and Country Homes

Older council and housing association tenants living in London can apply to transfer to a one or two bedroom flat or bungalow outside the capital.

This is called Seaside and Country Homes and is part of Housing Moves, a transfer scheme set up by the Mayor of London to give social housing tenants more opportunity to move to a different area.

Who can apply and how to apply

Secure council tenants or assured housing association tenants living in London who are:

  • aged 60 or over and applying as a single person
  • aged 60 or over and applying as a two-person household with their partner, joint tenant or registered carer

To apply go to the Seaside and Country Homes website and download an application form.


Applicants transferring from bigger properties are given priority. But all applications from the borough depend on funding being available.

Property locations

There are available properties along the southwest coast from Cornwall through the countryside from Shropshire to Cambridgeshire, over to Norfolk and Lincolnshire in the east.