Buy a home through shared ownership

Find properties in the borough

If you want to part-rent or part buy a home (known as shared ownership) in the borough, you must be on our Housing Register. You can apply to join the Housing register online.

(If you’re registered as interested in shared ownership on the Housing Register, you may be contacted by affordable housing providers selling local properties through shared ownership.)

You can find out about shared ownership schemes on the Share to buy website through the First Steps scheme. You can also search for properties available in Kingston upon Thames.

Find properties in other parts of London

If you want to buy a home in another London borough, you do not have to be on our Housing Register. Instead you can search for available properties through First Steps on the Share to buy website.

If you find one you are interested in, there’s an option to contact the housing provider. You’ll need to register with the First Steps scheme on the Share to buy website first.

(In March 2013 First Steps changed its registration process. You may need to re-register with them if you had an account before they made changes.)