Nationality Checking Service

Apply for the Nationality Checking Service

Please be aware that we are not accepting any more bookings for the Nationality Checking Service (NCS). Please refer to the Home Office website for information on the new service replacing the NCS or contact other Local Authorities to enquire if they have any appointments remaining.

Please note that we do not currently offer the Nationality Document Return Service (NDRS).

Our Nationality Checking Service is designed to assist people applying for British citizenship. The service:

  • ensures your forms are completed correctly
  • checks you have provided the correct documentation
  • photocopies your passport and birth certificate (this avoids sending the original documents via post)

How to apply

You can download the correct application forms from the GOV.UK website at the below links. You must not begin the application online, only download an application form from the below links and complete the paper copy only to bring to your appointment with your supporting documents.

Each applicant needs to complete a separate form. The form to be completed depends on the age of the applicant:

Once you have completed your application form and prepared your supporting documents, you will be ready to book an appointment with our Nationality Checking Service.

Before you make an appointment you may wish to check the following criteria have been met. The responsibility is on the applicant to satisfy themselves that they meet the Nationality requirements.

Please refer to the Guidance notes section of the GOV website.

  • The Client Care Record will be signed by the applicant as a confirmation of what has been said.
  • The applicant will sign the declaration, which confirms that the applicant has read and understood the form, booklet and leaflet.
  • The applicant has had the opportunity of getting expert advice on Nationality matters before arranging an appointment at our office. Applicants should not be relying on the Royal Borough of Kingston to give nationality advice. 
  • All of our NCS Officers are not allowed to give unsolicited advice.